Monthly Archives: February 2012

Phil Kram, Artist, Author, Accountant!

The Artist: Reaches creative heights with watercolor as the medium reflecting the beauty of nature, of sea and land, and the American West. Phil’s abstract and realistic settings in living color mirror spontaneity, freedom and form, all captured in a painter’s wash.

The Author: Author of creative humor and fiction brings to life individuals surviving their rebellious reactions to expectations, non-conformity, convention, authority, the law, societal norms and the unknown, and ultimately defying an unimaginable fate. The author’s heroes set sail out-of-bounds to evade smugglers, delusional local law enforcement, brigands, profiteers, bureaucrats, and the dispossessed. Whether lost on the highway of life, laboring in all-too-alert states of illusion, fictionalized personae ramble from the epitaphs of the village drunkards to a Shakespearean tragedy at sea.

The Accountant:  Extensive experience in all facets of business. Not your typical professional, Phil has been a CPA since 1974 where his work took him to travel the world, and write to live and tell about it.

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