Phil Kram: Artist

Phil Kram paints and explores the freedom of the medium, the vivid and brilliance of color and the joy of expressing in artistic form and content that the wonders of watercolors renders transparency, intuition and improvisation.

How I Paint: I paint from pictures or a combination of experiences and associations to create unforgettable works of energy, vibrant, worldly wonders and scenes from travels that create beauty and power.

Why I Paint: I paint because it captures the freedom of the outdoors, the still life of nature, characters and the boldness to imagine another view of things as perceived.

Who I Paint for: I paint for myself and to give to others pure enjoyment of perceived experience.

A Painter’s Method: I am a studio artist with works ranging from free wash realism to neo-realism, abstracts with definition or free form. I enjoy the wet-into-wet technique from form to composition.

Painting from Experiences: My travels have shaped my experiences–from being raised in the flatlands of the Great Lakes–to oceans and mountains throughout the American West and Great North. All with their own solitude and splendor captured through the medium.

A Painter’s Exposure: My exposure ranges from big city culture, museums, the masters, people from all walks, and the world’s melting pot, from landscapes to sea and turf, captured in vivid expressions.

The Painter’s Studies:  My studies started with form and drawings, which led to land forms and learning. I completed my studies learning from technicians, teachers, artists, the masters, from wash to Sumi. I began as a self-taught  painter, and, over time, with practice, study and a multitude of influences, the works continue to grow in depth.


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