About Phil Kram

Phil Kram showed early artistic interests while growing up in the Chicago area.  He grew up near the Art Institute of Chicago, which was a great influence and wonder. His musical studies as a clarinetist opened his artistic side, and with the fusion of artistic influences, melded with a big-city environment, cast shadows of classical art forms, architecture and the creative graphic arts.

Phil’s travels exposed him to a number of cultures. His wanderlust and work brought him to the Pacific Northwest and Alaska where he began to study painting in a variety of mediums. Watercolor became his medium of choice.

Phil’s watercolors include a variety of landscapes, pastels, portraits, abstracts and still lives depicted in living color. He resides in Northern California and continues to evolve as a painter and creative spirit.

“Life revolves around the beauty and the beast, the design and texture, intuitive processes and the eye, love of the fine arts, friends and ideas.”

Please contact Phil at kramphil@msn.com


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